Xupermask is Will.i.am and Honeywell’s COVID fighting face mask

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Will.i.am’s new Xupermask

Xupermask by Honeywell and Will.i.am
(Image credit: Xupermask)

The Xupermask (so͞opərmask) is an advanced piece of personal protection equipment (PPE) created by Honeywell and Will.i.am. Nearly 13 months into the pandemic, face masks are just a way of life but adding noise-canceling earbuds, lights and fans is one way to upgrade it.

Honeywell has years of experience in the safety industry, having manufactured everything from N95 masks to gas detection systems (they also invented unleaded fuel), so having its expertise on the product means this is serious business. Meanwhile, Will.i.am is a musician turned creative tech innovator and, we suspect, brings the design flair to the project.

The Xupermask, which goes on sale on Thursday, April 8, looks more like Bane’s weekend wear than something you’d wear for a trip down the shops. There’s no chance of you blending into the crowds with this on. It comes in black with black and orange details, or white with grey and orange details and is available in two sizes: s/m and m/l. And if you haven’t attracted enough attention already, there’s a set of day-glow LED lights on it too.

Xupermask by Honeywell and Will.i.am

Not just another face covering – the Xupermask

(Image credit: Xupermask)

The beauty of the Xupermask though is that it doesn’t just look futuristic, it’s filled with tech too. Dual fans provide three speeds of airflow while the replaceable 30-day HEPA filters provide the filtration. The included earphones have active noise canceling while the integrated microphone features noise reduction. The unit can then connect to your phone using Bluetooth 5. It also includes multifunction buttons, which we presume will allow call answering and song skipping.

Battery life is given at around seven hours but can be charged while wearing it via the external charging port with a portable battery pack. The Xupermask comes with a three-month supply of HEPA filters, multi-size ear tips and a USB charging cable. The first drop goes on sale on Thursday, April 8, priced at $299 / £216 direct from Xupermask.com with delivery to US, Canada, UK and Europe. That works out at around AU$390, however it's currently unclear if the mask will be available for Australian buyers. 

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