Xbox Series Z handheld concept blows the Nintendo Switch away

The Xbox Series Z is a dazzling concept that's been plucked straight from the future

Xbox Handheld Concept
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The Xbox Series X is a powerhouse of a console of a console, giving the PS5 a run for its money in that department; but what if Microsoft turned its attention to the immensely popular Nintendo Switch with a handheld of its own? Like the Xbox Series Z. 

A concept video for the handheld Xbox device has surfaced on TikTok, and it looks robust enough to knock Nintendo's hybrid console off its portable pedestal, bringing some Xbox flavour to those dreary commutes.

TikTokker imkashama uploaded a video of the mock-up Xbox Series Z, as they've dubbed it, in action. It joins a number of other designs that are portable takes on existing consoles, like the Xbox Portable and a concept for a new PSP.

Rather than a slate, the device is similar to the 3DS, or the Microsoft Series V portable concept that we saw back in October; the top half is the screen, while the bottom houses the controls, which include two retractable analog sticks so that you can get the feel of an Xbox Series X controller, with a slim profile when it's closed. 

A large button with the Xbox logo pops open the handheld when it's pressed, revealing a second, smaller display nestled amidst the controls. The panel can be used to navigate a mini dashboard and boot up games and apps.

While Microsoft doesn't have any designs on entering the handheld gaming market just yet, and it doesn't need to. The rollout of Game Pass Ultimate on Android had allowed gamers to use their mobile devices to play, which can be made even more appealing with the addition of the Designed for Xbox mobile gaming accessories, which are essentially controllers that you can dock your phone with. 


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Microsoft is also doubling down with its partnerships with mobile manufacturers like Samsung; the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones got its very own Xbox Game Pass app at launch, giving Galaxy gamers access to expansion packs, DLC, and more, all of which can be purchased through the app, or with redeemable tokens.

If you're looking for a more powerful handheld experience than what's currently on offer with the the Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, then 2021 is your year; the Japanese gaming giant is reportedly working on a Nintendo Switch Pro.

Given that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console last year, outdoing the PS4 and Xbox One, boosting its lineup with a Pro model with a lower price point that the PS5 and Xbox Series X could see it take the mantle again – especially with the stock issues Sony and Microsoft are battling right now.

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