Sadly, the worst Samsung Galaxy Note 10 change is coming to the Galaxy S11 too

Bluetooth and USB-C headphones only for you, Galaxy fan

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung is ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10, but it won't be a one-off. Logically enough the Samsung Galaxy S11 also won't feature a headphone socket. It's sad times for the once-ubiquitous audio port, which, since Apple iPhones took the plunge and killed it, will now be dropped by Samsung in favour of USB-C and Bluetooth solutions, according to sources speaking to Android Police and SamMobile. Wired headphones with 3.5mm jack will still work with the Note 10 and beyond, but you'll need a USB-C-to-3.5mm dongle. Get over it. 

Samsung used to be one of the few remaining stalwarts of the 3.5mm port. Apple was widely mocked for its decision to drop the connection from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016, however, a spate of Android manufacturers subsequently followed suit.

OnePlus – another long-time defender of the port – relinquished last year, arguing that Bluetooth headphones were now good enough to replace their wired counterparts. It also said it would allow it to squeeze more battery into the handset.

Samsung has slowly been moving towards a 3.5mm-less smartphone portfolio. The latest glut of mid-range handsets, Samsung Galaxy A80 series, rely on Bluetooth and USB-C headphones.

Likewise, the pliable Galaxy Fold, which the Seoul-based manufacturer claims represents the future of design for the Galaxy line, forgoes the 3.5mm port too.

After years of using the presence of the 3.5mm port to mock the latest iPhone model in its marketing push, it will be interesting to see how Samsung justifies the move.

Removing the headphone port could allow for a slimmer design, a bigger battery cell, or new features for the flagship smartphone line. However, it'll be disappointing to see the universal port disappear from the Samsung portfolio once and for all.

Perhaps Samsung will help sooth the pain of the loss with a free pair of true wireless Galaxy Buds? The South Korean company already offered a similar promotion with pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 series, which have their 3.5mm port intact.

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