With £50 off, this Le Creuset deal is as tasty as the meals you'll make in it

Save serious cash on seriously good cookware in the Le Creuset Boxing week sale

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cassadou
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

When it comes to kitchen kit, I have a big problem: the things I really want are the very best things, and the very best things are often very expensive. That's why so far, the only Le Creuset item I own is a butter dish. But there are deals to be had on high quality cookware, such as this Le Creuset deal that takes a whopping £50 – 25% – off a kitchen classic: the Cast Iron Cassadou.

• Le Creuset Signature Collection Cast Iron Cassadou: was £199, now £149 at Le Creuset (opens in new tab)

If you're not familiar with the wonder that is the Cassadou, it's a more versatile version of the classic casserole pot that's ideal for frying, braising or simmering, and it has a dome-shaped lid to help circulate heat and moisture as you cook.

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Le Creuset Signature Collection Cast Iron Cassadou: was £199, now £149 at Le Creuset (opens in new tab)

With a whopping £50 off this makes the Le Creuset cast iron Cassadou even more of a must-have: it's available in several gorgeous colours and will last for decades. If you care about your cookware, and you should, this is a brilliant buy.

At home on any hob

The Cassadou looks amazing in shades of Cerise or Volcanic, and because it's cast iron I'm pretty much sold already. Cast iron cookware is one of my very favourite things: it works on every kind of hob including induction, it delivers consistent heat across the base and once it gets hot it stays hot, so it's great for serving too. And because Le Creuset coats it in tough enamel it's also easy to clean and doesn't suffer from the rust that constantly threatens my cast iron skillets.

There's no doubt that Le Creuset cookware is expensive, but it's also beautifully made and lasts for decades: I have some cheaper clones and they're just not made to the same standards. At £50 off this Cassadou is as tasty as the meals you'll make in it.

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