Where to buy Swingball for your lockdown garden before it all sells out: anyone for tennis?

Swingball is one of the best ways to have fun, keep in shape and not lose the ball in next door’s garden

Best swingball deals
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Swingball might have been all the rage way back when, but it’s still around and just as much fun. Yes indeed, if you’ve got a garden or even a small space that you can call your own, then Swingball is one of the best ways to make use of it. Needless to say in the current climate, Swingball is selling out faster than they can make Swingball sets.

Swingball is essentially a game of tennis against yourself, or someone else, by using a racket to hit a ball on a piece of string. That in turn is attached to a pole fixed into the ground. It’s simple, it’s safe and it’s actually exhausting if you’ve been stuck in doors for weeks eating chocolate digestives.

So, get one, get out there and start belting that ball to melt some body fat rather than the chocolate on top of your digestives with these amazing options.

You can also buy Swingball products aplenty at Argos but their website is being weird at present so you will have to go to Argos.co.uk and search for 'Swingball'.  We have politely asked them to sort themselves out.

Swingball central

Smyths Toys has created a veritable Swingball heaven with no less than seven variations on the ball-on-a-string theme, though some are waiting for more stock.

Fear not though, as while they're flying off the shelves, at the time of writing the current Swingball stockpile looks like this. 

There are also some Swingball options at Amazon.

Classic All Surface Swingball

Classic All Surface Swingball | £29.99 at Smyths Toys
This Classic All Surface Swingball comes with a real tennis ball, 2 championship bats and a championship base, which means you can literally play anywhere. But maybe not indoors. The pole is height adjustable too, so it can be adapted to suit different players. Simply fill the base with sand or water to stabilise it and you’ll be ready to play.

All Surface Tournament Swingball

All Surface Tournament Swingball | £24.99 at Smyths Toys
A variation on the Swingball theme but no less entertaining as a result. All Surface Tournament Swingball comes with a real tennis ball, 2 competition bats and a competition-style base, whatever that might be. Either way, it's a blast trying to get your hits to move the ball and string either up or down the spiral, depending on who you want to win. Curiously addictive.

Swingball Early Fun Swing Ball

Swingball Early Fun Swing Ball | £19.99 at Amazon
The Swingball Early Fun Swing Ball is a brilliant variation on the theme so your little ones don't feel left out. Designed specifically for younger children this bundle comes with a foam ball and little bats, so it's safe and won't cause damage to you or your garden furniture. A base that can be filled with sand or water adds value as you can get it up anywhere. Classic boredom-busting fun.

Swingball Classic

Swingball Classic | £70.99 at Amazon
If you're looking for a blast from the past then this Swingball Classic offering will remind you of times gone by. It comes complete with weather resistant components, including two old-school style Checkerbats, meaning you can just leave it out when you've got too tired to play anymore. The Pole simply pushes into the ground and can be adjusted up to 1.6 metres. Truly classic.

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