When do PSVR 2 pre-orders go live? Sign up to Sony's official page to be notified

If you want to sign-up to get notified as to when PSVR 2 pre-orders are available follow these simple steps

PSVR 2 controller
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The Sony PSVR 2 gaming headset is already looking like the biggest console gaming hardware release of 2022, and for PS5 gamers who are looking to upgrade from the original PlayStation VR headset, you can now officially sign up with Sony to be notified when PSVR 2 pre-orders are going live.

Here's how to make sure you're signed up for PSVR 2 pre-order news:

1. Go to the new PSVR 2 page on the official PlayStation website

The first step to getting PSVR 2 pre-order ready, in terms of being notified by email by Sony when they're going live, is to head over to the new PlayStation VR 2 web page.

This page contains some key information about the headset, including previously unreleased information about how PSVR 2 uses Fresnel lenses, which the original headset did not.

There's information about the headset's eye tracking and Tempest 3D Audio tech, too, which is well worth a read.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the PSVR 2 web page, sign in and then sign up

Next scroll to the bottom of the PSVR 2 web page and click the "sign in" button. You can then enter your PlayStation account log-in details. Once you've done this you'll see your account's avatar picture load in at the top-right of the web browser. The "sign in" button will then turn into a "sign up" button.

By clicking the "sign up" button you will then enter yourself to:

"Get the latest PS VR2 news, including game announcements, release dates and when you can pre-order your headset."

Naturally, the email account tied to your PlayStation account will be the address the pre-order news gets sent to in the future.

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And, that's it. When Sony decides to communicate as to when PSVR 2 pre-orders are going to open you will get emailed, letting you make sure you are ready day and date to get your PlayStation VR 2 headset ordered in the first wave before they, inevitably imagines, sell out.

We think getting PSVR 2 ready like this is absolutely crucial as, just like with PS5 restocks, we fully expect the PlayStation VR 2 to sell out quickly at launch. Scalpers are likely going to be already planning as to how they can exploit the market as much as possible to make a quick buck, so getting in early in the initial wave of pre-orders seems critical to us in outmanoeuvring them.

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