WhatsApp users are getting a cool free upgrade

Customizable stickers are coming

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Starting today, WhatsApp is introducing a tool for its Web and Desktop platforms that allows users to make their own custom stickers. Users of the messaging service can already use third-party sticker packs, but WhatsApp itself doesn't have a default sticker collection.

However, an upcoming update to the app may finally introduce the ability to create your own custom stickers. The new feature should please the more creative WhatsApp users amongst us, especially those bored of the same old drudgery of third-party sticker collections. WhatsApp users across the best iPhone and best Android phones have had this ability for some time, so it's good to see support extending to the web and desktop clients. 

To use Sticker Maker, simply download the latest version of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop. In the messaging app's chat window, users can then select the attachments icon (the tiny paperclip), followed by the Sticker icon, and from there you can upload a photo and get to work on your own custom sticker. 

WhatsApp lets you introduce an outline, crop the photo into a sticker, and add stickers, emojis, or text to it. There are plenty of customization options. Another shortcut to access the customization tools comes from the emoji icon in WhatsApp chats. Once clicked, all you need do is head to the sticker section in which you'll see a "Create" option to produce your stickers.


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A built-in sticker maker

The built-in sticker maker is currently in testing, so it's still unclear when the features will roll out for users outside the WhatsApp beta sphere, but hopefully this won't take too long. Some WhatsApp web users have reported that they've already been able to access the tool, so it's worthwhile taking a look to see if it's available. 

Recently, we've seen WhatsApp announce big changes to its platform, including how it lets users handle in-app voice messages, now allowing users to pause and resume voice messages as they wish. If you're interested in more developments, then check out our 5 hidden WhatsApp features to discover the more discreet tricks that users often miss when using the platform.

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