WhatsApp gets a huge free upgrade which could save time and pocket space

It's a feature which users have been crying out for

A phone using WhatsApp with multiple accounts
(Image credit: WhatsApp)

When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular. The Meta-owned platform was one of the first third-party messaging apps on the market, with users flocking to it for encrypted messaging and other ease of use features.

It's also one of the most regularly updated messaging apps. In the last few months, it feels like the platform has received new features every other day. We've seen the addition of videos like voice notes, for sending quick videos to friends and family. 

Before that, we had Channels, which brought together communities revolving around particular topics. We've even seen the addition of screen sharing over video call.

But today, an update has arrived which is arguably the most exciting yet. That's because WhatsApp has added a feature which has been requested for years – multiple accounts on one device.

The feature was announced in a blog post on the companies' website. Users will need a second phone number in order to use the feature – or a phone which accepts eSIM functionality. Once you have that, you can simply add another profile, and switch between them at will.

That's perfect if, say, you have a work phone and a personal phone. Before now, you'd have to use two phones to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. But now, you can flit between two different accounts on one handset. Your pockets are already cheering.

In order to add the second account, simply head to WhatsApp Settings, then click the arrow next to your name and tap Add Account. You can even go in and adjust the privacy and notification settings for each account individually.

It's a truly fantastic upgrade – and one which is certain to delight swathes of users. This has been one of the most heavily requested features for a long time, and finally having a native solution will be a big deal for users.

You should be able to access this right away. If you aren't seeing the option on your device, try checking for an update first.

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