What is Sky Live, how much does it cost and do you need Sky Glass to use it?

Sky's new camera does many things, here's everything you need to know about it

Sky Live camera on Sky Glass
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When Sky first unveiled its Sky Glass TV, it also announced a camera device that will sit on top of it. However, at the time it was more a concept than a real product, so we didn't really know much about its capabilities.

Now we do. It has been launched fully and customers can order one to go with their Glass. But, what does it do? Why is it different to the likes of the Facebook Portal TV. Peloton Guide and, even, the long-gone Xbox Kinect? And, how much does it cost?

We explain all.

What is Sky Live?

Sky Live is a small camera device that sits on top of Sky Glass and, through the use of its lens and microphone array, can offer multiple, interactivity features.

This includes video calling, motion gaming, watch parties, and fitness workouts using full body tracking. It connects through just one USB-C cable (you don't even need to plug it into a power socket) and a magnet keeps it securely fastened to your television.

When the Sky Glass detects the Sky Live device, it adds different, clickable functions to the usual Entertainment OS experience. So, if you don't have a Sky Live, you won't be bothered by the additional content or features - but if you do, you open up several new experiences.

How much does Sky Live cost?

As with Sky Glass, you can pay for Sky Live in instalments.

There are two monthly price plans available for Sky Live when buying just the camera. Existing Sky Glass owners can pay over 48 or 24-months and get the device with 0% interest.

Usually, a 48-month plan will cost £6 per month, while a 24-month plan will set you back £12 per month.

You can also pay for Sky Live outright. It costs £290 that way.

However, there is a special deal for the launch month for existing Sky Glass owners. If you order it by 27 July 2023 you can get Sky Live for £5 per month over 48-months, £10 per month over 24-months, or £242 when paid up front.

Do I need Sky Glass to use Sky Live?

At present, Sky Live will only work with a Sky Glass television. Sky has said to T3 that it (or something similar) might be extended to other Sky services in the future - such as Sky Stream - but as of now you need the company's own TV to pair it with.

For starters, the built-in magnet directly links to the magnet inside the top of the Sky Glass TV. It also comes with tilt adjusters in the box to set the Sky Live at the right angle, depending on whether you mount your Sky Glass on a wall or not.

All of the features and apps have also been designed with the Sky Glass in mind - no matter whether you own the 43-, 55- or 65-inch model.

Sky Live showing Watch Together feature

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Sky Live specifications and features

The Sky Live device has a 12-megapixel, HDR-capable, wide-angle camera (110° horizontal FOV, 93° vertical) and the processing to handle most of its talents. It does not use a LiDAR lens nor room mapping for its full body motion tracking, rather intelligent 2D imaging to get an accurate effect instead.

T3 has been treated to a demo of the software that includes finger tracking that's even capable of recognising a pinch motion.

There are four microphones on board for clear voice pickup during video calling. This works in tandem with the far-field voice microphone(s) on the Sky Glass itself.

On the rear, you get a single USB-C port allowing you to plug it into the rear of your Sky Glass. This is the only port as both data and power are carried/delivered through the same connection.

A button on the top of the Sky Live lets you turn off the camera and mics, in case of privacy concerns.

Using Zoom on Sky Live

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What does the Sky Live do?

There are four main features that utilise the technology inside Sky Live - Video Call, Play, Watch Together, and Workout. These each contain different apps and functions that you can easily select through the main Sky Glass homescreen.

Video Call

The Video Call section contains both a customised version of Zoom to keep in touch with friends and family, even if they don't own Sky Live themselves, plus a VideoBooth app that gives you Snapchat-style filters and fun AR overlays to use when sharing video messages or images.

The version of Zoom also allows you to take a call on your TV and then switch to a phone or tablet if you need to carry on in a different room, and vice versa.


Sky Live launches with a decent selection of games. Some use the camera for multiplayer play, such as Monopoly that gives you video of each remote player so you can chat, while others use the motion tracking functionality.

There are kids games based on Sky Kids shows, such as Peppa Pig (which is coming soon), and several for bigger gamers, like Fruit Ninja and Starri. The latter is a Beat Saber-style music rhythm game where you have to move your body and arms to match instructions that whizz toward you on-screen. The best bit is you only need yourself to play - no controller nor headset.

Watch Together

Considering Sky has a wealth of content and channels, Watch Together is an obvious feature for Sky Live. Like other watch party options out there, you can link with your friends and family (as long as they also have Sky Glass and Sky Live) to view anything that's available on a Sky TV channel or via its on demand services.

That includes Premier League and other football matches, other live sports coverage, even a movie or event TV (such as Love Island or Bake Off). Up to 12 households can all log into the same Watch Together session with four appearing in video in a sidebar next to the main action. This changes depending on who is speaking, while all households have control over what everyone sees.

Footage can be rewound, fast-forwarded, paused, or the channel can even be turned over by anyone in the Watch Together session. You'd better make sure you get on with those you invite.


Finally, the Workout section includes completely free access to Mvmnt - a fitness service that's been developed in partnership with WithU. It offers different workouts you can do from your living room (or anywhere else your Sky Glass is based) which each use full body tracking to help you get the most from each session.

It includes encouragement and overall scores from the dedicated fitness coaches, so you can strive to better your performance each time.

Doing a workout with Sky Live

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When will Sky Live be available?

Sky Live is available now. It can be ordered and delivered to your home within two working days.

It might take longer if you also need to have Sky Glass installed.

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