3 of our favourite weighted blankets are still super cheap in the Black Friday sales

Top weighted blankets from Emma and Simba are the cheapest they've ever been, by some way, in this Black Friday deal

Simba Orbit weighted blanket
(Image credit: Simba)

Originally for specialist medical use, weighted blankets have hit the mainstream recently thanks to their magical calming and stress-reducing abilities. Weighted blankets provide gentle, even pressure (often provided by tiny glass beads, sewn into a grid) that soothes the user and can help relieve insomnia. 

You'll find plenty of info and recommendations in our best weighted blanket guide, and the good news is that there are some major price drops on our top-ranking models amongst this year's best Black Friday deals. Our picks from Simba, Silentnight and Emma are all 39% or more off, and they're all the cheapest they've ever been – by some way. 

If you're here because you have trouble sleeping, we'd also urge you to check out our guide to the Black Friday mattress sales (it's the best time of the year for a bargain). 

Simba Orbit weighted blanket:  was £169, now £101.40 at Amazon (save £68)

Simba Orbit weighted blanket: was £169, now £101.40 at Amazon (save £68)
40% off! This Simba offering sits right at the top of our weighted blanket guide, thanks to a removable and washable cover in 100% cotton, and a choice of 9kg or 6.8kg weights. In fact, the only real negative is the slightly higher price point, a drawback taken care of by this Black Friday deal. Head to Amazon to pick it up for the cheapest it has ever been – by some way. Head to our Simba Orbit review for more info.

Emma HUG weighted blanket:  was £129, now £70.95 at Amazon (save £59)

Emma HUG weighted blanket: was £129, now £70.95 at Amazon (save £59)
45% off! A new addition to the Emma family of sleep products, the HUG blanket is made from soft cotton, weighs 7kg, and differentiates itself from the others in our deals roundup by being baby blue rather than glum grey. You've got 200 days to make sure you love it.

John Lewis Weighted Blanket:  was £80, now £64 at John Lewis (save £16)

John Lewis Weighted Blanket: was £80, now £64 at John Lewis (save £16)
The discount isn't quite as big as the two deals above, but you can knock 20% off the price of any of the John Lewis weighted blanket range, which comes in a wide variety of weight options: 4.5kg, 7kg, 9kg and 11.5kg. It's made with 100% cotton.

EXPIRED Silentnight weighted blanket:  was £69.99, now £42.99 at Amazon (save £27)

EXPIRED Silentnight weighted blanket: was £69.99, now £42.99 at Amazon (save £27)
39% off! The Silentnight weighted blanket is an excellent budget-friendly option that's even cheaper at Amazon right now. There's no removable cover, but you can choose between 6.8kg or 9kg weights, and the styling is smart, understated and feels good quality.

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