Want a cheap new iPhone? Here's the good news and the bad news

If you want the affordable new iPhone, it looks like you're going to have to be very quick on the pre-order trigger

new iPhone LCD

Just when Apple enthusiasts thought there would be an affordable entry cost this year into the American maker's new iPhone range, with a 6.1-inch, LCD screen-toting iPhone reportedly being introduced along with a more expensive new iPhone Xs flagship, comes news that the budget new iPhone will actually only be available in "limited quantities initially".

The news, which stems from a Bloomberg report, will no-doubt generate cash-strapped Apple fans cause for concern, with complications regarding fitting backlights for the affordable new iPhone's LCD screen potentially causing supply issues during its launch window.

The cheaper new iPhone, depicted in the above video by tech industry designer Gunho Lee, who specialises in creating concept devices based on industry leaks and rumours, looks set to be an attractive proposition for iPhone users looking to upgrade, as it's price has been called to be potentially as low as $699, which would represent a massive price saving over last year's $999 iPhone X, and this year's rumoured $899 for the iPhone Xs.

Now, though, it looks like if you want to score one of these cheaper new iPhones you're going to have to be very quick on the pre-order, as this new information points to supplies drying up really rather fast indeed.

To make sure which new iPhone model you really want be sure to watch today's Apple keynote event live stream, where three new iPhones as well as a new iPad Pro 2018 and new Apple Watch Series 4 are expected to be officially revealed.

Lead image credit: Gunho Lee

Via: 9to5Mac

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