Wahoo, beware: Garmin launches new Tacx Boost, a turbo trainer with all the power

New Tacx Boost turbo trainer is more powerful than the Tacx Flow and doesn't require external power source either

Garmin Tacx Boost price release date
(Image credit: Garmin)

The best turbo trainers were the first one to go when the global lockdown started early 2020 and availability of these home gym staples have been sketchy ever since. Luckily, Garmin is here to fill the turbo trainer-shaped void in our hearts with the new Tacx Boost, the most affordable turbo trainer from the company to date.

The new Tacx Boost follows the footsteps of the Tacx Flow wheel-on trainer but adds more magnets and, most importantly, more powerrrrrrrr.  Better still, the Tacx Boost doesn't require any external power source, unlike the Tacx Flow, and the new turbo is only marginally more expensive than the Flow.

Garmin Tacx Boost

(Image credit: Garmin)

Tacx Boost turbo trainer: price and release date

Available to buy at Garmin UK / Garmin US, the Boost has a suggested retail price of £229.99 / $299.99. A bundle option, which includes a speed sensor and a free 30-day Tacx premium subscription, has a suggested retail price of £249.99 / $239.99.

In the UK, the Garmin website states the Boost will be "available [in] 4th Quarter 2020", while in the US, "estimated availability is 5–8 weeks".

Tacx Boost turbo trainer: main features

Setting up the Boost is easy: with just two clicks, you can start riding pretty much straight away. What’s more, the multifunctional front wheel support ensures a natural cycling position while riding and serves as a handle to carry the trainer.

The new Tacx Boost has a manual resistance controller which can be attached to the handlebar. With it, you can choose between 10 different levels of resistance, up to 1,050 watts. The Boost might be powerful but it is quiet nevertheless and since it doesn't require external power source, it can be used anywhere, anytime.

Using a speed sensor, which can be bought separately, can provide cyclists with a way to track speed, distance and virtual power (an estimation of a rider’s actual power) when using apps such as the Tacx Training app, Zwift and TrainerRoad.

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