Voxi SIM only deal lets you bag UNLIMITED Amazon Gift Cards for referring friends

Every time you refer a friend to one of Voxi's superb SIM only deals, you get a money-stuffed Amazon Gift Card free

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Voxi is one of the absolute best SIM only deal providers in the UK, delivering contract free SIMO plans that are stuffed with data, minutes and texts. This is why T3 writes about them so much, as they deliver the sort of SIM plans that phone users deserve.

Voxi has outdone itself with its new SIM only deal offer, though, as it as just dropped a brilliant referral bonus that allows any Voxi customer to refer a friend and bag a free Amazon Gift Card. And the really great thing about this is that there is no limit to how many times you can refer a friend and claim a cash-stuffed Gift Card.

The Amazon Gift Cards available range from £10, for a £10 per month SIM plan sign-up, through £15 and onto £20 for a £20 or £35 per month sign up. The friend only needs to stay with Voxi for two months, too, before the SIM card is delivered. And, as Voxi's plans are contract free, that means the friend could then, if they so wish, immediately cancel — although with SIM only deals this good, we're not sure why they would.

The full details of the free Amazon Gift Card SIM only deal referral offer can be viewed below:

Voxi SIM only deal | Refer a friend get a free Amazon Gift Card | Available now

Voxi SIM only deal | Refer a friend get a free Amazon Gift Card | Available now
This is a great offer over at Voxi that lets you bag an Amazon Gift Card every time you refer a friend for one of their SIM only packages. Depending on what plan the friend signs up to determines how much money is on the Amazon Gift Card, with a £10 voucher delivered for £10 plan sign-up, £15 for £15 plan sign-up, £20 for £20 plan sign-up and £20 for £35 plan sign-up.

The referral deal is so good as you can do it as many times as you want, too, bagging plenty of cash-stuffed Amazon Gift Cards to spend on stuff you want. Providing the friend stays with Voxi for just two months, and you're a Voxi customer, too, then the free Amazon Gift Card is delivered each and every time you make a referral. Voxi's SIMO plans are contract free, too, meaning that after the two month period the referred friend could cancel at any time.

It is literally a win-win situation. The referrer gets to enjoy a brilliant Voxi SIM only deal, the referred friends also get to enjoy a brilliant SIM only deal (that is contract free!), and as a reward the referrer gets a free Amazon Gift Card worth £10, £15 or £20.

For even more great SIM only deals, be sure to check out T3's authoritative pricing chart below, which pulls in the top offers from all of the UK's top networks. In addition, the chart lets you filter the SIMO deals in a wide variety of ways, including data allowance, contract length and monthly price, making it easy to find the perfect plan for you.

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