Virgin Media slumps in the customer service satisfaction

Sky provides the most satisfactory broadband service, a new Ofcom report finds

Whilst Sky triumphs Virgin Media has faltered as telecoms watchdog Ofcom finds UK consumers are dissatisfied by their broadband providers

The British public is less satisfied with its sluggish and continually faltering broadband connections than it is its mobile networks and paid for TV offerings, a new report has shown.

The new study conducted by telecoms watchdog Ofcom found that just 58 per cent of 3,000 polled consumers were happy with their broadband offerings. This figure equates to far fewer than the 68 and 69 per cent of those questioned who said they were satisfied with their satellite television and mobile phone network services respectively.

Of the broadband providers under fire Sky came out on top as offering the most satisfactory service and customer care whilst rival Virgin Media slumped to the bottom of the pile with a “below average” satisfaction rating. Orange customers are also dissatisfied with their broadband offerings the study found.

"Sky has higher than average satisfaction with its customer service and is rated above average for its willingness to resolve issues, taking issues seriously, and offering compensation," the Ofcom report declared.

The report added that despite Virgin Media's poor showing "UK providers of landline, fixed broadband, mobile and pay TV services continue to provide a reasonably satisfactory contact experience in the majority of cases."

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Via: PCR