Users report Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity issue

Handset fails to pair with Bluetooth 4.0 or Smart Ready devices

Users have reported that Samsung's Galaxy S3 handset fails to pair with Bluetooth v4.0 and Smart Ready devices - despite the South Korean company branding it fully compatible

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most accomplished Android smartphones on the market. But several users have been pointing out a flaw with Samsung's flagship device.

According to online forums, the Galaxy S3 is struggling to pair with Bluetooth 4.0 or Smart Ready (BLE) apps and accessories, despite Samsung marketing the phone as Smart Ready compatible.

Users have taken to the Samsung Developers Forum, and the Android Forums to discuss the issue, and have drawn a limited response from the company itself. While older Bluetooth devices pair without issue, any Bluetooth 4.0 or Smart Ready applications or accessories fail to recognise the device.

An individual named Jakub Sendlewski has been posting on the Samsung Developers forum in an official capacity and has confirmed the company is aware of the bug and working to fix it.

"First of all, we are really sorry for the late answer. We are deeply considering providing BLE Scan API with our Bluetooth development team. We will reply answer soon and please check back this thread," he posted.

Many are attracted to Bluetooth v4.0 for the Smart Ready feature - the name given to the Bluetooth low energy protocol built into the latest version. This lets devices that run on coin-cell batteries (such as watches) connect to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

At T3 HQ we were unable to pair a Galaxy S3 with a Bluetooth v4.0 Smart Ready heart monitor and asked Samsung for a comment on the issue.

"BT 4.0 is supported at Galaxy SIII. It has been supported from the time of launching. I9300 only has API for BT 4.0 and for 3rd party BT 4.0 accessory to pair with I9300, application which is supplied by each BT 4.0 accessory manufacturer should be installed on I9300 phone. If this application is not installed on the device, I9300 couldn't work with BT 4.0 accessories," the company said.

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