Upgrading to iPhone 14 at Vodafone just got even more appealing

Thinking of getting an iPhone 14? You might want to check out Vodafone right now

iPhone 14 phone in man's hand
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If you're currently thinking of upgrading to iPhone 14, which is one of the best phones on the market, then it looks like it is definitely worth checking out Vodafone right now.

This is because the UK network has launched a brand new phone buy-back guarantee, which sees Vodafone commit to buy back any device in the iPhone 14 range back for a guaranteed, listed price.

That means that upgraders can see exactly how much money any iPhone 14 bought from Vodafone can be sold back to the network for up until 31 October, 2023.

Vodafone lists buy back prices for every iPhone 14 device over on its official website, showing for example that an iPhone 14 128GB will be bought back by Vodafone for £439, while an iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB will be bought back for £871.

The T3 take: Another good reason to shop at Vodafone

Right now justifying a smartphone upgrade is tough in the cost of living crisis, so this buy back guarantee from Vodafone is good news as it details very plainly exactly what buyers can get back next year if they want to move on from iPhone 14.

It's also good as it isn't locked to just one handset, but any in the range, including the 5-star rated Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is the phone that T3's reviewer said brings "huge advances in its screen, camera and processor" and offered "unrivaled power and performance".

We've said before, too, that we're fans of Vodafone here at T3 due to the network's pioneering work in 5G, which it now offers one of the very best networks for in the UK.

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