Ultrahuman challenges the Oura Ring's dominance with a new free feature

Stress Rythm aims to demystify stress

Ultrahuman app displaying new Stress Rythm feature
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For the last couple of years, the Oura Ring Gen 3 has been at the top of most smart ring roundups, including T3's, thanks to its ability to track several health metrics efficiently and discreetly. In recent times, however, competitors have started rolling out innovative features that even Oura hasn't got. One of the latest of these is Ultrahuman's Stress Rythm.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is probably the best smart ring for those who can't justify paying for Oura's subscription fees. This clever wearable already had a few exclusive features no other smart rings or smartwatches have, namely the Stimulant Restriction Window and the Circadian Phase Alignment.

With the latest software update, Ultrahuman added another free feature called Stress Ryhtm. It goes beyond basic stress tracking; instead, it utilises the Ring Air's circadian rhythm-tracking ability to provide you with a better understanding of what your stress levels could mean.

As the brand explains, Stress Rythm considers the variations in your heart rate, heart rate variability and resting heart rate against your circadian rhythm (CR). Why is it important to match stress with your CR?

Apart from managing your sleep schedule, CR also governs the cortisol cycle, which is a crucial component in your body's ability to control stress. Ultrahuman says cortisol peaks in the morning – which is the reason why you should avoid drinking coffee/tea straight after you wake up – and declines throughout the day.

Ultrahuman app displaying new Stress Rythm scores

(Image credit: Ultrahuman)

Cortisol level is at its lowest when you sleep. By paying attention to your circadian rhythm, you'll be able to manage stress better, and that's exactly what Ultrahuman is trying to achieve with its approach via the Stress Rythm feature.

The Ultrahuman app gives you a Stress Rythm score between 0 and 100 to make it easy to understand. A lower score means you have "dysregulated stress and are potentially working against your CR," Ultrahuman says.

To manage stress, the app offers breathing exercises and general suggestions to reduce anxiety throughout the day.

The new Ultrahuman software update is available now in the app stores. If your app hasn't yet been updated, visit the app store and update it manually. For more info on the Ring Air and its features, visit Ultrahuman today.

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