Oura, beware! Ultrahuman launches lightest smart ring on the market

New Ultrahuman Ring Air has an ultra-thin, notch-less design, boasts a smooth inner shell and a 6-day battery life

Ultrahuman launches new Ring Air smart ring
(Image credit: Ultrahuman)

There is a real market need for small wearables since most people find it cumbersome to wear their smartwatches and fitness trackers to bed. Companies like Oura realised this and created a viable alternative in the form of a smart ring. However, Ultrahuman is here to change the status quo, thanks to the release of their latest wearable, the Ultrahuman Ring Air.

Smart rings combine the jewellery-style nature of classic step-tracking bands and the health insights of smartwatches. Smart rings went through many iterations in the last few years, refining the design to enhance comfort levels and, therefore, adherence to wearing the rings 24/7, which is required for accurate estimations.

The new Ultrahuman Ring Air is said to take this design philosophy to the next level with its more compact, ultra-thin and notch-less form, boasting a smooth inner shell to ensure "unparalleled comfort throughout the day and night." The wearable is designed to be unobtrusive and much more comfortable during sleep than bulky fitness devices, says Ultrahuman.

Weighing as light as 2.4 grammes (the smallest, size 6 ring), it stands as the lightest smart ring in the market today, compared to the Oura Ring Gen 3 and the Circular Ring. Despite the sleek design, the Ultrahuman Ring Air can monitor key health indicators such as sleep, movement, heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and skin temperature throughout the day.

Ultrahuman launches new Ring Air smart ring

(Image credit: Ultrahuman)

Constructed using 'fighter jet-grade' titanium coated with tungsten carbide, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is water-resistant up to 100 meters and boasts a 6-day battery life. Ultrahuman's smart ring can also provide easy-to-understand metrics to understand your body's requirements better.

Sleep Index is based on contributors like total sleep duration, resting HR and restfulness and is said to help you better understand your deep, light, REM and wakefulness cycles. With new features such as Circadian Phase Alignment, experience timely nudges for sunlight exposure and movement for maximum sleep efficiency.

The Movement Index uses nudges and biofeedback to keep you going, while your Recovery Score can help you understand the current state of your body, which can vary with illness, workouts, stress or even poor sleep.

Visit Ultrahuman to order your Ultrahuman Ring Air sizing kit today. The Ultrahuman Ring Air is available for a suggested retail price of $349/ £280/ €325.

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