Ultimate audio bargain: SoundMagic E11BT sound a million dollars, cost £70

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T3 Awards 2019: Best headphones under £100: Soundmagic E11BT

We'll put our hands up here and admit some of the winners of T3 Awards 2019 are just that little bit on the premium side. But we also love a good tech bargain – we can't wait for Amazon Prime Day – and in the audio world, there's no better bargain than SoundMagic E11BT. These best cheap Bluetooth buds are the wireless successors to the same brand's legendary E10, which are among the best wired buds you can get, yet about the same price as a round of drinks in a London bar. They offer incredible battery life, great fit and audio that is on point, all for less than £70, ie: about the same as 2 rounds in a London bar. Let's drink to that.

This man is using SoundMagic E11BT and look how happy he is!

Not much is known about enigmatic Chinese headphones brand SoundMagic but it certainly seems to produce buds that are extremely high quality and remarkably cheap. Its first foray into wireless headphones is the E11BT, and they're among the best 'necklace'-style, in-ear buds you can buy, despite the highly affordable price.

One of the first things you notice about the E11BT is that they sit very easily and comfortably around your neck and in your ears. We've tried similar buds that are way more expensive, and can't compare in this regard. 

Sound quality is also genuinely startling for the price. We know £69.99 isn't 'cheap' compared to the sort of buds you find if you search for 'headphones' on Amazon and then select 'order by price, low to high' but the difference is that not only does the E11BT not sound like it came out of a Kinder Egg, in fact if you handed it to anyone to try, and didn't tell them the price, they would assume it cost well over £100.

After using these buds for a while, another thing you notice is that the battery life is quite ridiculously colossal. According to SoundMagic's UK rep, they claim 20 hours because that seems like a reasonable number – it's certainly higher than most in-ear Bluetooth buds – but in actuality it can go as high as 30 hours. And, having used them extensively, we think that is actually true. Fantastisch!

When you then factor in that they have AAC compatibility for better audio from iOS devices and an increasing number of Android ones, IPX4 water resistance, long range and reliable connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5 and they look alright too – not exactly eyebrow-raisingly chic, but certainly not ugly, and SoundMagic E11BT look like one of the tech bargains of the year. Put it this way, I get sent a lot of the most expensive in-ear buds you can buy, but I had no problem using these instead.

Duncan Bell
Duncan Bell

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