UK boasts highest internet usage in Europe says Ofcom

Yet we still record speeds as low as 0.13Mbps

As proof that the UK is slowly catching up with the rest of the world, BT announced it will, rather ambitiously, be sending superfast broadband to the Isles of Scilly

The UK has the highest internet usage in Europe, despite the fact that we still record some of the lowest speeds. The stat comes courtesy of a new report by Ofcom which evaluates the progress of superfast broadband around the UK.

Despite a report last year showing speeds as low as 0.13Mbps were still being found the UK is actually third in Europe for superfast broadband coverage, behind only Germany and Spain.

While 65 per cent of the country can boast to having superfast broadband coverage, the country as a whole also has some of the lowest prices for fixed and mobile broadband, being first in the EU.

The government has set itself the rather ambitious target of making sure the UK has the best broadband service in the EU by 2015, so while there is clearly a long way to go these new stats will be welcomed.

Furthermore Ofcom also points out that many of the EU comparisons may in fact be wrong as the UK fibre network has been increasing at a such a speed that the report is unable to keep up.