U-Tec announces first ever deadbolt smart lock that supports Matter-over-Thread

The new Ultraloq Bolt is packed with smart lock features, like fingerprint entry and Matter-over-Thread support

Lifestyle image of the U-Tec Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint
(Image credit: U-Tec)

Smart security company, U-Tec has just announced its first ever deadbolt smart lock which will support Matter-over-Thread. Expected to launch during CES 2024 next week, the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter is designed for easy entry to your home and with its new Matter-over-Thread compatibility, U-Tec looks to improve its connectivity and battery life with this upgrade.

For those new to U-Tec, it’s a US security brand that specialises in smart home solutions like the best security cameras. The company is arguably best known for its range of the best smart locks which comprises of deadbolts, handles and other lock designs.

The latest addition to the U-Tec smart lock collection is the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter, the first biometric smart deadbolt with a fingerprint reader. Its most noteworthy and exciting feature is its ability to support Matter-over-Thread, a new standard for smart home technology.

Matter and Thread support each other and work together to fix common problems people may have with their smart home devices, like connectivity and battery life. More and more brands are supporting Matter-over-Thread, including Google Home devices, and now, U-Tec is joining the party with this new compatibility.

One of the main concerns people have when moving to smart locks rather than using traditional keys is the battery life running out. While most smart locks have back-up batteries which can power on for a limited time as you sort out the battery, being locked out of your home because your smart lock has died is a big part of why some people haven’t made the switch yet.

But with the new Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter with Matter-over-Thread support, the battery life is expected to extend significantly and become more reliable. This upgrade and the built-in Wi-Fi will also allow the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter to offer additional connectivity to other devices.

Someone using fingerprint ID to unlock the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint

(Image credit: U-Tec)

Another impressive feature of the U-Tec Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter is its flexible entry options. To open and lock the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter, you can use a personalised code, the U-Tec app, a mechanical key, fingerprint ID and your Apple Watch. The fingerprint ID is most notable as it’s powered by AI to provide a 360° Live Fingerprint ID and a 0.3 second unlock speed.

As the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter works with the U-Tec app, you can log entries, share keys with family and friends and get notifications to your phone. Cleverly, the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter can also auto unlock when you approach and lock when you leave. Other features include compatibility with smart home assistants like Apple Home, Google Assistant, Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, and has dual data encryption for added security.

U-Tec is expected to launch the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter at CES 2024, so if you’re keen to find out more, make sure to keep up-to-date with T3’s coverage of the event.

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