Twitter adds GIF support on website, apps

Gear up for a heaving, breathing Twitter feed

Vine's immense popularity has revealed humanity's deep-seated love for really short videos. Well, GIFs are the next best thing, and have found their way to Tweet-town.

Twitter has now added support for GIF files on, Android, and iOS, giving the go ahead for animated antics aplenty.

While third party apps enabled GIF-viewing via Twitter previously, the new update means you can do it directly through the official website or app.

The GIFs won't play automatically as you scroll down your feed like video-short service Vine, instead requiring users to click play to view the animation.

The service was announced yesterday via Twitter's own animated GIF.

The GIF of choice had a user typing out “Twitter now supports JIFs?!?!” before quickly modifying the post to “Twitter now supports GIFs?!?!” – a cheeky reference to the fiercely debated pronunciation disparity.

Unfortunately there was no mention of an update for Tweetdeck, the official Mac app, or Windows Phones. We'll keep you posted.