Top 10 dishwasher, oven, fridge freezer and laundry Black Friday deals to make Xmas easy

These offers on great appliances will make the Christmas period so much easier – from cooking to washing up to laundry

Samsung RS8000 fridge freezer on Blue background with sign saying Black Friday
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An appliance upgrade can make all the difference during the hectic Christmas period, which is why they're so popular during the best Black Friday deals and best Cyber Monday deals, of course.

A new oven can help you to make your best-ever roast, or can add the capacity you need to make an even bigger dinner for more guests. And a dishwasher can make the whole exercise so much less stressful, because it takes care of much of the cleaning up afterwards.

A new fridge freezer can mean that you can fit in more food as needed, or more booze as needed, or both. 

And if you've got guests especially, a more efficient and larger washing machine and/or tumble dryer can help make sure you don't lose control of the washing, especially if there's lots of bedding to deal with from people staying.

Lots of great deals have come and gone this Black Friday, but we've picked out our Top 10 deals on these appliances that are still available to arrive before Christmas, and make your life that little bit easier.

Hisense BI5228PXUK Built In Electric Single Oven:  was £349, now £279 at

Hisense BI5228PXUK Built In Electric Single Oven: was £349, now £279 at
Save £70 on a generous 70-litre oven – you get lots of space for this discounted price. There's a good range of cooking functions, including pyrolytic cleaning, plus a useful sensor that stops the fans when you open the door, so you don't get blasted with hot air.

AEG DEB331010M Electric Double Oven:  was £689, now £509 at Currys

AEG DEB331010M Electric Double Oven: was £689, now £509 at Currys
Save £180 on an affordable double oven, which makes a big roast much easier when you have more control over temperature options. The top oven offers 43 litres of space, and the lower oven offers 66 litres, so there's a huge amount of space overall.

Whirlpool Supreme Clean 14-Place Full Size Dishwasher:  was £499, now £389 at

Whirlpool Supreme Clean 14-Place Full Size Dishwasher: was £499, now £389 at
Save £110 on a dishwasher that can sense how dirty your plates are, then adjusts its power to match!  Whirlpool calls this "6th Sense" technology, and it means you use only as much energy and water necessary. It has a smart design too, including a modular third rack for cutlery, and a way to load pots vertically, making the most of its space.

Candy 10-Place Slimline Dishwasher:  was £269, now £229 at Very,

Candy 10-Place Slimline Dishwasher: was £269, now £229 at Very,
Don't have space for a full-size dishwasher? You can still save yourself some of the washing job! This slimline dishwasher is really affordable at £40 off, and is just 45cm wide – but still takes a good amount of crockery. The 32-min quick-wash programme can be a major help too.

Samsung RS8000 American Fridge Freezer:  was £1,499, now £999 at

Samsung RS8000 American Fridge Freezer: was £1,499, now £999 at
Save a whopping £500 (33%) on a double-door American-style fridge freezer that offers an equally whopping 634 litres of storage. There's also a no-frost freezer system,  quiet motor, and if you plumb it in, you get a water dispenser and ice creator.

HISENSE RB395N4WC1 Fridge Freezer:  was £449, now £369 at Currys

HISENSE RB395N4WC1 Fridge Freezer: was £449, now £369 at Currys
There's £80 discount on this freestanding fridge freezer, which gives you 207 litres of fridge and 97 litres of freezer. It's frost free, has a wine rack to keep your shelves clear, and the water dispenser doesn't need plumbing – there's a water tank you just need to top up sometimes.

LG 10.5kg Washing Machine 1400rpm:  was £599, now £399 at

LG 10.5kg Washing Machine 1400rpm: was £599, now £399 at
What a deal this large-capacity washing machine is with £200 off. You'll struggle to find anything larger than 10.5kg for this price. It's also fast, offering a 14-min quick cycle. Its  sensors auto-adapt the cycle to your clothes for an optimal clean, and you can pause a cycle and add in any forgotten clothes.

AEG 7000 Washing Machine 8kg 1600rpm:  was £699, now £549 at John Lewis

AEG 7000 Washing Machine 8kg 1600rpm: was £699, now £549 at John Lewis
Get AEG's premium quality for £150 less with this machine. It features a high spin-speed and ProSense tech to give you an efficient wash, and it's quiet despite the speed, so is fine for open-plan living. There's a steam cleaning option, wool washing, and it spreads softener evenly for better results. The 8kg size is ideal for couples.

Beko 9kg heat pump tumble dryer:  was £499, now £429 at

Beko 9kg heat pump tumble dryer: was £499, now £429 at
Save £70 on an already-affordable tumble with heat pump tech, which brings down the cost of running it by smartly recycling the heat used. 9kg is a great size for most families, and it runs fairly quietly too.

Haier I-Pro Series 7 9kg heat pump tumble dryer:  was £699, now £549 at Currys

Haier I-Pro Series 7 9kg heat pump tumble dryer: was £699, now £549 at Currys
Get £150 off a heat pump tumble dryer from a premium appliance brand. The heat pump tech saves energy, and it  uses sensors to avoid over-drying your clothes, while the I-Refresh function keeps clothes smelling fresh. The special drum build is better for delicate fabrics, too.

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