Today’s Wordle answer: Sunday 13 March #267 with hints

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Sadly, Wordle is not a five-letter word
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Clocks got forward an hour today in the US, so there's an hour less to solve Sunday's Wordle. Luckily though, that shouldn't be a problem. And if it is, we're here to help. Yesterday's Wordle #266 wasn't anything too taxing and if you could do that one, then 266 should be a cinch. 

If that sounds overly confident and you're sat staring at a half-completed puzzle, still with no ideas, don't worry. Like with everything, there's a method to our madness and it involves a good opener.If you want to hone your technique, T3’s official guide to Wordle is on hand to give you a head start.

Today's Wordle hint

If the result is still looking blurry you need to sharpen your senses. This answer will soon come into view. 

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Scientists finding Wordle solution

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While this term might not be elementary level, it's far from advanced. There should be no challenges here. 

Today's Wordle solution

wordle 267

The answer is clear

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Today's answer is FOCUS. As in, to pay attention to, the center of activity or not blurry. 

This word is both a noun and a verb and benefits from two vowels. All good signs for Wordle puzzlers. Our Alien Shout combo served us well here. Well, actually alien ruled a lot out but gave us nothing, while shout provided three and only U in the right place. A US ending seemed logical from there, which left the O in a number two placement. There was probably other options here but as a photographer, focus was a natural choice. 

I don't have a song in mind for today's answer – Charli XCX does have a track called focus, but I can't say it's quite my thing, so if you want to listen to it, give it a Google. So, until tomorrow – don't forget to adjust your clocks if you're in the US. 

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