This winter jacket from Shackleton is exactly what every adventure photographer needs

The Frank Hurley Photographer’s Jacket by Shackleton is the result of a partnership with Leica

Shackleton x Leica winter jacket
(Image credit: Shakleton)

We admit this might be a little niche, but if you are a Leica-owning photographer who spends their weekends photographing polar bears or climbing mountains, this is undoubtedly the jacket for you.

Claimed to be the world’s first expedition photographer’s jacket, this coat is designed to be worn in extreme weather, but also has deep pockets to house your camera body and lens, plus extra compartments for SD cards, spare batteries, and other accessories.

The jacket is the result of a partnership between the Shakleton outdoor clothing company and Leica, the iconic German camera maker. Shakleton also worked with outdoor photographers, including Martin Hartley, a polar expedition photographer.

The limited edition coat is named after Frank Hurley, the official photographer of Sir Ernest Shackleton on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-17.

(Image credit: Shackleton)

Designed to shield off the harshest storms (and when it gets a bit chilly walking the dog), the jacket offers a hard-wearing Cordura shell, high-frequency seam sealing to keep the drafts out, and 800-fill European goose down to keep you toasty.

A graphene lining provides what Shackleton calls “revolutionary heat regulation” right down to -25C. The material also reduces humidity, is antimicrobial, anti-UV, and anti-radiation.

The design and location of the pockets is also intended to protect your camera and its batteries from the cold, using your body heat to prevent damage. There’s some logic in this, as lithium batteries don’t last as long when they’re cold.

(Image credit: Shackleton)

Some real thought has gone into the location of the coat’s pockets. For example, there’s one on the upper arm for storing your lens cleaner.

To help regulate your temperature there are zips under the arms, internal venting on the neck, and a drop back design to prevent heat loss around the hem. There’s also an adjustable hood with detachable synthetic fur trim.

The jacket is available in black only, and sizes medium, large and XL, and is priced at £1,950.

You can buy it from Shackleton London now.

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