This three-move finisher will supersize your shoulders in 10 minutes

Because there's no better feeling than 'the pump'

Man performing dumbbell front raises in a gym
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Leaving the gym knowing you’ve smashed your workout is one thing, but nothing quite hits like leaving with a pump. This three-move finisher from Dave Rienzi, who’s trained Dwayne Johnson, will blow up your shoulders in just 10 minutes, so it’s easy to add on the end of your workout. Just grab a pair of dumbbells and head on over to the weight bench.

To achieve ‘the pump’ – which is when blood flows into the muscles faster than it flows out – time under tension is your best friend. This finisher is made up of a tri-set which, according to a study in the Journal of Exercise Science, can lead to increased muscular swelling. However, the jury is still out regarding whether the pump equates to muscle growth. A paper in the Strength and Conditioning Journal suggests that it can stimulate hypertrophy when paired with heavy strength training. Either way, there's no denying it leaves you finishing your workout feeling pretty badass.

For this workout, complete the three exercises below for 15 reps each, back to back, or with minimal rest in between. Take a two minute rest between each round and repeat the workout three times. Give the video above a watch if you aren't sure how to do any of the exercises. Here are your workout:

  • Seated dumbbell scaption raise
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • Seated dumbbell lateral raise

We hope you enjoyed that finisher. Why not combine it with this four-move shoulder workout? It's the perfect combination to help you build strength and muscle. If you're looking for new shoulder exercises to add to your session, and you're bored of shoulder pressing, here are five alternative shoulder exercises for you to try instead.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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