This summer must-have is 25% off in the Walmart Memorial Day sale!

The Ninja Creami is a top-notch ice cream maker, and you can get it for even less right now

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Summer is just about here and that brings glorious weather with it. One thing which can really make the difference when the mercury rises is a nice ice cream maker.

One of our favourites here at T3 is the Ninja Creami. The brand might be better known for its ability to heat things up, but this proves it can do just as well cooling things down.

Right now, you can save 25% on the Ninja Creami at Walmart – just $149!

Ninja Creami: was $199, now $149 at Walmart

Ninja Creami: was $199, now $149 at Walmart
Save $50 on the Ninja Creami at Walmart. This gorgeous ice cream maker is a must have as the mercury rises, allowing you to craft your own ice creams, gelatos and more with ease.

The Ninja Creami is a must have for your summer. Ice creams and gelatos are a great way to stave off hotter temperatures, and the Creami gives you the chance to create your own at will.

When we tested the Ninja Creami, our reviewer was really impressed with the speed at which is could create your favourite sweet treats. As if that wasn't enough, the easy to use nature of the device made it a hit, ensuring users won't need to bury their noses in a manual to get it working.

Users can quickly and easily create a range of different products. With options for making ice cream, sorbet, light ice cream, smoothie bowls, gelato and milkshakes, plus a setting for mixing in other material.

That's a wide variety of different options, and makes the Creami a great option for a variety of tasks. Everything from a lemon sorbet to chocolate chip ice cream can be crafted, ensuring something for everyone can come out of the device.

With a $50 price drop right now, there really is no better time to buy. There's no word on how long this will last, but one thing is certain – if you want one, acting fast is your best bet!

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