This Samsung fridge freezer is bigger on the inside, and cheaper in Currys Black Friday deals

Never mind feeding your family, you could probably hide your family in here

Samsung fridge on blue background with Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Samsung)

The best Black Friday deals can really cut the cost of home appliances, and with £170 off this extraordinary Samsung RB34T632ESA Fridge Freezer is just £429, down from the previous £599. That's a serious saving on a really spacious appliance.

• Samsung RB34T632ESA fridge freezer: was £599, now £429 at Currys

The Samsung RB34T632ESA is bigger inside than identically sized fridge freezers, with a huge 227 litre capacity in the fridge and another 114 frost-free litres in the freezer. I wanted to say that Samsung achieves this by twisting the very fabric of reality itself, but that sadly wouldn't be true: it does it by having thinner walls than other fridges, which is less exciting but probably a bit easier to engineer. 

The impressive bit is that Samsung has done this without any compromise on the fridge's cooling or energy efficiency, and it still manages to find room for useful things including a water dispenser and a fast-chill feature for the fridge compartment. It also features consistent cooling throughout the fridge to keep absolutely everything fresh for longer.

Samsung RB34T632ESA fridge freezer: was £599, now £429 at Currys

Samsung RB34T632ESA fridge freezer: was £599, now £429 at Currys
Samsung has used clever engineering to make this fridge freezer's walls thinner than most, massively increasing the amount of inner space. It's frost free, offers consistent cooling to keep everything fresher for longer and has a nice water dispenser built in. And now it's £150 cheaper.

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