This Nothing Sound (1) portable speaker concept is making me reach for my wallet

If this comes to market, I'll be first in the queue for one

A concept render of the Nothing Sound (1) portable speaker on a black background
(Image credit: Yanko Design)

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times – Nothing is the hottest brand in tech right now. The brand – founded by ex-OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei – picked up the coveted T3 Award for Brand of the Year earlier this summer.

The brand have found success with a host of products. The Nothing Ear (2) was unveiled earlier this year. More recently, their second Android phone – the Nothing Phone (2) – came to market. Both products earned a five-star review when we tested them, complete with a decent spec sheet and minimalist design language.

Now, concept renders have emerged of a potential new device, in an entirely new product range. The Nothing Sound (1) – created by Yanko Design – shows off a portable speaker in the Nothing design style.

The design is inspired by a book , with a curved spine on one side and speakers on the other. The spine features an LED screen, while a red rotary knob on the top handles all controls.

Of course, no Nothing product concept would be complete without a Glyph lighting interface. That's present here, too, with Yanko suggesting that the lights would pulse in time with the music.

So, will we see it anytime soon? Possibly. While this is only a concept, it's certainly a plausible area for the brand to move into. They already have great success in the audio world, partnering with sonic superstars, Teenage Engineering, for their product range.

Sources close to the brand have previously rumoured a product launch in this category, to members of the T3 team. So while it is in no way set in stone, it wouldn't be totally out of the blue.

If they do opt to enter this market, I really hope the product follows this style. It's sleek and would fit seamlessly into the brands' product range. I'd also expect it to be quite competitive within the space. As mentioned, Nothing have some pretty heavyweight backing when it comes to audio performance, so it should have no issues on that front.

The brand are also well-regarded for making products which punch above their weight, in terms of price. Assuming that continues here, I'd expect any Nothing launch in the space to be relatively affordable, without sacrificing too much on features and overall quality.

Sam Cross
Staff Writer

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