This Nintendo Switch deal bundle is the perfect gaming starter kit for Cyber Monday at Best Buy

Whether you want to catch 'em all or escape Luigi's Mansion, we've got the deal for you

Switch bundle
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Out of all the gadgets that have been moved during the influx of Cyber Monday deals, few have been as coveted as the Nintendo Switch. The world's fastest-selling console has been shifted in record numbers thanks to its unique portable-hybrid mechanic and well-timed releases like Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Now, retail giant Best Buy is offering a doozy of a bundle perfect for every Nintendo fan out there: a Nintendo Switch console with red and blue Joy-Con controller, an Elite Edition Starter Kit (a Switch carry case that comes with screen cleaner, protective Joy-Con gel covers and USB adaptor) and a 128GB SanDisk memory card, perfect for filling with all-digital games and media. Best Buy is offering the whole bundle for just $344.97, making this deal a great buy for those wanting all the accessories and extra storage at a discount price. Check out the deal below: 

Nintendo Switch Neon with Elite Edition Starter Kit and SanDisk 128GB memory card | was $392.97 | now $344.97 from Best Buy

Nintendo Switch Neon with Elite Edition Starter Kit and SanDisk 128GB memory card | was $392.97 | now $344.97 from Best Buy
Save around $50 - enough for a brand new copy of Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart or Pokemon - with this excellent bundle. Taking the Switch out and about? This Best Buy kit has all the protective gear you need, including Joy-Con gel covers and a carry case, along with an addition 128GB memory card to get you started downloading digital editions. 

Why Buy A Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo's latest has knocked it out of the park. It looks and feels great, the transition from portable to home entertainment console is seamless and it offers cracking games you won't find anywhere else. 

It's simply the fastest-selling console for a reason, and if you're in the market for a wonderful console experience and not just a processing powerhouse like its rivals, there's no excuse not to jump on the bandwagon. We'll see you in Galar...

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