This is the iPhone 11 with a Samsung Galaxy Note twist

Could the iPhone 11 come with a stylus?

iPhone 11 concept

The new iPhone 11 has leaked again, despite the latest iPhone XS, XS Max and XR only just getting released. This time the iPhone XI, aka iPhone 11, has appeared in concept renders that show some very strong Samsung influences

The iPhone 11 concept, from designer Antonio De Rosa, features a new display but also a pop-out stylus. Yup, this looks very much like Samsung's Galaxy Note design.

You may also have noticed the new style of notch. Unlike the current iPhone XS with a central notch, this concept features a left-aligned notch. This, the designer argues, will free up screen space to allow for more full-screen style displays.

Talking of that display, in these renders it starts at a whopping 6.7-inches with an eye-melting 3000 x 1386 resolution for 458ppi. With Samsung rumoured to top the iPhone XS Max's 6.5-inch display with its 6.6-inch Galaxy S10, it would make sense for Apple to strike back with an even bigger display for the iPhone 11.

Watch the full video by designer Antonio De Rosa below:

Apple has added stylus support to its iPad Pro models for the Apple Pencil. It seems likely that with larger phones it will eventually add a mobile version of the Pencil to its phones and these designs could show what it will look like in the iPhone 11.

Expect to hear more about the iPhone 11 as the rumour mill gets up to speed for 2019.

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