This is the holographic phone you’ll be hearing about everywhere soon

RED Hydrogen One takes the camera manufacturer to a new mobile world

The professional video camera manufacturer RED has just announced it’s launching a phone called Hydrogen One and it’s got a holographic display.

Yup, you read that right - a company that specialises in film cameras is releasing something we thought only existed in the movies. How? Nanotechnology.

The Hydrogen One features a 5.7-inch display that is able to toggle between normal 2D display and holographic multi-view for 3D content and interactive games. It even uses a smart algorithm to transform sound into a multi-dimensional experience. 

While Amazon already tried holographic displays and failed spectacularly with the unpopular Fire Phone, RED is all about this tech so it might actually impress. The phone will run Android so is a viable option for someone who wants something extra on a normal platform. This is also definitely for camera pros. That’s because the Hydrogen One is modular and works with RED cameras too.

RED has simply said the modular phone will work with a host of its cameras without revealing much more at this early stage. Exciting stuff.

The catch? The RED Hydrogen One will set you back a whopping $1,200 (£925) for the aluminium model or $1,600 (£1,235) for the titanium version. So this is for a certain type of person and those individuals will have to be fast too as it sounds like RED expects it won’t be able to fill all orders due to manufacturing time.

The RED Hydrogen One can be pre-ordered now with shipping early next year.

Luke Edwards

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