This is exactly how good the Google Pixel 8 camera looks

Leaked images taken on the new device show off the zoom and the night photography mode

Google Pixel 8 Pro leak
(Image credit: Mishaal Rahman)

The Google Pixel 8 range is set to launch tomorrow, bringing the latest and greatest technology to the brands' devices. That's not much of a surprise though – the last few weeks and months have been peppered with leaks, leaving us with a relatively clear picture of what to expect at the event.

Still, there's always something new. Just yesterday, a YouTube channel called PBKreviews, shared an unboxing video of the new handset, showing off everything that comes in the box.

Now, the same brand has shared images taken using the Pixel 8 on their Twitter profile. There are a range of images on show, including shots using Night Mode and using the different levels of zoom on the device.

Let's start with the zoomed shots. The images show a tree being photographed at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 5x zoom. The results are quite staggering, with a remarkable degree of detail being retained even at the 5x zoom setting. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it was shot at 1x – a really incredible feat.

Then, there's the Night Mode shots. These have a handy comparison between shooting with the mode enabled and disabled, to show you just what a difference the feature makes. The results are quite astounding, with an impressive level of brightness and detail, even in low lighting conditions.

Of course, good camera performance shouldn't come as a surprise for Pixel phone users. The current generation Google Pixel 7 Pro houses one of the best cameras on the market, taking truly stunning shots which defy the price tag of the handset.

Still, it's exciting to see. The images on show are truly fantastic, and suggest that the impressive performance in that area is set to continue on the next generation of the range.

We'll know even more about the devices and what they can do soon. The event itself is set to take place tomorrow, with the new handsets expected to be among the headline announcements at the event.

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