This iOS 17 / iPhone 15 "leak" isn't fooling anybody

There's a big difference between a leak and wishful thinking. The latest iPhone rumours look like the latter

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You don't need to be an iPhone fan to be interested in what Apple's up to, and that means there's a lot of demand for Apple leaks and rumours. But that demand can sometimes mean that idle speculation is presented as stolen secrets, and that appears to be the case with the latest set of iPhone 15 and iOS 17 rumours. 

The latest supposed leak comes via LeaksApplePro, who has a spotty reputation for breaking Apple stories. And it doesn't read like a leak to me: just a list of things that you can be very confident Apple will do in any new version of its iPhone operating system. This isn't so much a list of things Apple doesn't want you to know as a list of things that are really rather obvious.

Apparently with iOS 17 Apple is focusing on "stability and efficiency" and it'll look very like iOS 16 without "many visual changes". Apple might make Mail and Music easier to use, there will probably be a companion app for the Apple AR/VR headset... you get the idea.

So what does this "leak" actually say?

When you read the detailed report, the language it uses is a giveaway: it's "as far as I'm concerned", "I can't share anything very specific", "from what my sources can see it appears..." And there are a couple of statements that just don't make sense: it claims that the iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Ultra will have a vastly improved image system and cooling system, but Apple won't make either public. What?

When you boil it down to what the "leak" actually says, it's pretty weak sauce: iOS 17 will be slightly different, the iPhone 15 will be slightly better, Apple's going to tweak some apps. That's like saying "we'll have some nice weather soon" and claiming it's a Met Office leak. It's not. It's just stating the bleeding obvious. 

There's nothing wrong with speculation; it's part of the job and I do it all the time. I can sit here and predict pretty well what we'll see in the iPhone 15 range, from which models will get which processors and what features Apple will charge a premium for. But that's not a leak; it's me reading the tea leaves and should be labelled as such.

Carrie Marshall

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