This hybrid cooler and portable AC unit is the ultimate summer accessory

Beat the summer heat with IcyBreeze Ultimate

IcyBreeze Ultimate in action
(Image credit: IcyBreeze)

As the summer sun blazes down, staying cool outdoors can be a challenge. not with the IcyBreeze Ultimate, a hybrid cooler and portable AC unit designed to keep you refreshed all summer long.

This innovative product combines the functionality of a high-capacity camping cool box with the cooling power of a portable air conditioner, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

The IcyBreeze Ultimate features a proprietary heat exchange system that works similarly to your car’s radiator. Icy water is pumped into coils that actively cool the air, which is then pushed out through a directional tube.

No matter how high the temperatures rise, this clever and portable system ensures that you stay cool. With a capacity to stow up to 48 cans, the Ultimate seals tightly with a gasket function and double rubber latches, keeping your drinks perfectly cold.

This upgraded model from IcyBreeze comes with durable rotomolded construction, all-terrain wheels, and a metal grab handle, making it easy to transport. Better still, thanks to its durable rotomolded construction, the cooler is built to withstand the toughest environments.

The patented heat-exchange system blows cool, dry air at 35° F below ambient temperatures, making it your new best friend on those scorching hot days.

IcyBreeze Ultimate in action

(Image credit: IcyBreeze)

Its high-powered three-speed fan allows you to adjust the cooling to your personal preference so you can chill out at your own pace. The tie-down points ensure your cooler stays secure during transport, and the all-terrain wheels make navigating any terrain a breeze. Plus, the metal grab handle means you can effortlessly haul it around with no sweat.

The IcyBreeze Ultimate also boasts a USB charging port to keep your devices juiced up on the go. If that’s not enough, it offers 2.5+ hours of continuous AC cooling using standard ice cubes and over three hours of misting functionality for extended comfort. For those longer adventures, you can opt for the additional Li-Ion battery power to extend your cooling time.

Available now at IcyBreeze for the recommended retail price of $499.99, the Ultimate is your ticket to staying cool all summer long. Don't let the sun dictate your plans – with this trusty hybrid cooler and portable AC unit, you’ll be the coolest one at any outdoor event.

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