This house party themed watch is awesome – I just can't tell the time on it

The Mr Jones Watches Houseparty is a stunning piece of wrist-mounted artwork which may or may not also tell you the time

The Mr Jones Houseparty worn on a heavily tattooed wrist
(Image credit: Mr Jones Watches)

In the last few years, watches have exploded in popularity. Whether that's down to their inclusion in pop culture – rappers and grime stars love to talk about their collections – or the trend to detox from digital life, people are interested in watches like they never have been before.

But let's be frank – they aren't the must-have tool they once were. Gone are the days when an ultra-precise watch was the only way to tell the time – everyone has a phone in their pocket with accurate time, these days.

Instead, we look to watches as a functional, interesting piece of jewellery. And they don't come more interesting than this. This is the Mr Jones Houseparty and, apparently, it's telling you the time.

If you aren't familiar with the brand, this might have you confused. Mr Jones are a unique brand in the watch industry, crafting pieces of pure artwork with a time-telling aspect layered within. Arguably their most famous design is dubbed "A perfectly useless afternoon" and uses a person in a pool with a rubber duck to tell the time.

Houseparty is the latest design to be added to the collection. Crafted by Portuguese illustrator, Catarina Morais, the dial depicts the chaos and disorder of a house party. Morais said the design originated during the pandemic, during a moment of longing for human connection.

That is packed into a 37mm case, crafted from stainless steel. Coupled with a 46mm lug-to-lug measurement, that should make the Houseparty a good fit for a wide variety of wrist sizes. It comes with an 18mm wide mesh bracelet, too.

Inside, you'll find an automatic mechanical movement powering the watch, while the whole thing is rated for 5ATM of water resistance. Oh, and that dial will be kept looking its best on top, with a sapphire crystal covering it.

So, I know what you're thinking – how on Earth does one tell the time on that thing? It's a great question, and one which is almost universally applicable to Mr Jones watches.

As you may have spotted, around the traditional 1 o'clock position, there is a small circular cut out. That displays the hour, rolling through different numbers as the day progresses. Minutes are read from a series of music notes and champagne glasses, which are pointed out by the main character in the red jumper.

It certainly doesn't seem like the easiest watch in the world to read. But you know what? I don't actually think that matters, either. Let's be frank – no-one is buying this in the hope of getting the most readable, accurate watch on the market.

This is the epitome of watches as jewellery – something fashionable and fun to add to your outfit. And from that end, the Houseparty is a really stunning piece.

You might need to be quick if you want to snag one, though. The design is limited to just 200 pieces, with each one numbered on the rear of the case. If you want to pick one up, you'll be looking to pay £245, or $295 in the USA. If you're looking to add something quirky to your collection, this could be a great pick up.

Sam Cross
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