This hidden gem yoga mat is incredible value in the Black Friday sales

An excellent Lifeforme alternative, for half the price

Woman holding a plank on Yogi Bare Paws yoga mat
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If you've been looking for a new yoga mat, an excellent choice is the Yogi Bare Paws mat, and right now it's dropped to its lowest price ever at Amazon. The RRP is £74.95, but it's currently £48.72, making it one of the best Black Friday deals I've spied so far. 

This mat ranks very highly in our best yoga mat guide, for good reason. I regularly practice yoga and I've tried a whole range of different kinds of mats, and I would happily recommend this one. It's made from rubber, which might be heavier and pricier than foam mats, but is so much better – both at effectively cushioning your joints, and providing a stable base to hold your poses on. That rubber is also a much more eco-friendly option than plastic alternatives. The Yogi Bare mat will deliver reliable grip, even if you're a bit sweaty. 

In our guide, we've picked this out as a great alternative to the Liforme Yoga mat, which is outstanding but has an undoubtedly premium price tag. With this deal, it's around half the price of investing in a Lifeorme, which is excellent value indeed. 

Yogi Bare Paws yoga mat: was £59.96, now £48.72 at Amazon (save £11)

Yogi Bare Paws yoga mat: was £59.96, now £48.72 at Amazon (save £11)
This 4mm mat is made with eco-friendly natural rubber, complete with a super grippy surface to keep you anchored throughout your practice. The etched on design doubles up as a handy grid to help you ensure you're lined up properly, and there a wide range of colours to choose from. 

Choose from a range of colours to complement your yoga outfit – all created using water-based dyes. The closed-cell rubber makes these mats resistant to bacteria, as well as being easy to clean (the brand recommends a squeeze of lemon, diluted in warm water). The design is etched on, and does double duty of decorating your mat and providing subtle guidelines you can use to make sure you're aligned symmetrically in your poses. It's earned 87% five-star ratings on Amazon, over nearly 1k reviews.

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