This gin Advent calendar is the best Advent calendar we've ever seen

A whole month's worth of gin miniatures to take you up to Christmas

gin Advent calendar
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Isn't getting older wonderful? When I was a kid, Advent calendars were fairly predictable things – card boxes with perforated doors and a smattering of glitter, and behind each door lay a piece of chocolate of varying (but generally disappointing) quality.

But progress brings wonderful things as does being over 18 years old and therefore old enough to drink, and this gin Advent calendar is perfect proof of that.

This gin Advent calendar is in the shape of a huge Christmas cracker, but you won't find a lame joke and a paper hat inside it. Instead you'll find a 5cl miniature bottle of gin for each day of the month taking you right up to Christmas Eve, so that's 24 bottles of Christmas cheer in total.

The company behind the calendar promises a wide selection of different flavours and styles and "an excellent collection of world-class gins."

Here's what you get in the cracker: 6 O'Clock Gin (43%), 6 O'Clock Brunel Gin (50%), Malfy Originale Gin (41%), Jaw Box Classic Dry Gin (43%), Sweet Potato Spirit Co London Dry Gin (45%), Poetic License Northern Dry Gin (43.2%), Poetic License Old Tom Gin (41.6%), The Lakes Gin (43.7%), The Lakes Gin Explorer Edition (47.1%), The English Drinks Company Pink Gin (40%), Edinburgh Gin (43%), Edinburgh Cannonball Gin (57.2%), Edinburgh Seaside Gin (43%), Edinburgh Christmas Gin (43%), Lone Wolf Dry Gin (44%), Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin (44%), Ophir Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin (40%), Anno Kent Dry Gin (43%), Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin (41.3%), Wint & Lila London Dry Gin (40%), Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin The Original (42%), Tanqueray London Dry Gin (43.1%), Daffys Small Batch Premium Gin (43.4%), Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin (43%).

Gin Advent Calendar Cracker | £125 at Amazon

Gin Advent Calendar Cracker | £125 at Amazon
If there's a better Advent calendar idea than this, we've yet to discover it. 24 miniature bottles of gin will take you right the way up to Christmas eve by which time you'll be an expert on the different flavours that this popular spirit can bring. Cheers!

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