This cheap fridge freezer deal has £50 off a Fridgemaster 70/30 – quite literally the Master of Fridges

In need of a cold drink and some ice? has the deal for you…

Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 fridge freezer split
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Are you hot, bothered and in need of lots of cool? This Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer deal from shaves £50 off the asking price of £279, meaning you can currently get it for just £229. It comes with a whopping 262 litre overall capacity too, enough for no less than '14 bags of food shopping'.

• Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer at Was £279, now £229 save £50.

With the weather hotting up then owning a sizeable fridge freezer makes a lot of sense, although the Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer has plenty of year round appeal too. You don't get dull-as-ditchwater white as the finish either as this model comes in silver, which is as refreshing as the water that comes out of its natty built-in water dispenser.

• Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer at Was £279, now £229 save £50.
Despite the cheap price, this particular Fridgemaster model comes with a specification to impress. The 70/30 fridge to freezer ratio is great, and we’re also keen on the water dispenser that’s been integrated into the door of the fridge section. At under £230 this is a perfect replacement for your tired old ice box.View Deal

Why you should buy this Fridgemaster

Storage-wise it’s a hit with a fridge that features 196 litres of storage and the freezer portion 66 litres. Meanwhile, LED lighting makes your cool and crisp green stuff look even more appealing as it nestles in a generous vegetable container. Lots of bottle storage in the door will come in handy currently too, while the door-mounted water dispenser doesn’t need any plumbing in, so it’s a no-fuss solution for chilled drinking during the current hot spell.

The Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer also packs an A+ energy rating and, on a practical note, the doors are reversible so you can fit it just about anywhere. Well, anywhere that can contain the 180 height x 55 width x 55.8 depth dimensions that is. The 39dB operating level is also respectable for a budget model. Downsides? Well, it’s not frost free and there’s no fast freeze as found on some of the models in our Best Fridge Freezer guide. But, the plus points here more than compensate for that minor irritation.

• Fridgemaster MC55264DS 70/30 Fridge Freezer at Was £279, now £229 save £50.

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