The 10-minute mindfulness routine you need to try today

Struggling this January? Take a break from the chaos with this game-changing routine

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It’s been a testing year to say the least, which is why staying on top of your mental and physical health has never been more important. With everything going on in the world, making time to cater to your wellbeing should be a priority, not just when you find a spare moment but as an essential part of your day. 

Life gets busy, we know. Especially if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities at once, but that’s exactly why you need to keep your inner peace as well as a healthy mindset. If time is what you’re struggling with, then we’ve got the perfect solution. 

The Mental Health Foundation has released a 10 minute mindfulness practise on its podcast and it is not only easy to follow but super effective. Narrated by Mindfulness expert professor Mark Williams, the routine features a series of breathing and visualisation techniques that aim to calm your body and mind. 

First up, you have to find somewhere comfortable to sit, be it on the floor, on a chair or on a cushion, as long as you can have your 10 minutes, uninterrupted. Make sure your back, neck and head are in line, sitting upright with a straight spine while your shoulders are dropped and relaxed. Williams then talks you through each step of the meditation, guiding you through the different exercises. 

The practice has proven to be a hit among those who have tried, with users leaving positive feedback in the comments below the podcast, which is available to listen to free of charge on Soundcloud. "I  found it very effective to relax myself!” one listener wrote. “I recommend this to my friends who are struggling with everyday's stresses.” Similarly, another said: ”I love this exercise and use it almost daily. Great voice, very absorbing. Thank you.” 

There are thousands of studies that have linked mindfulness meditation to positively mental and physical health. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of mindful meditation is reducing stress, a relation that was proven after an eight week scientific study found that the meditation style reduced the body’s inflammatory response caused by stress. And who doesn’t want to reduce their stress levels, eh?

Sagal Mohammed

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