These Quiksilver x Pacsafe backpacks are built to keep your stuff safe while out adventuring

Combining exploration and peace of mind

Quiksilver has teamed up with Pacsafe to create a collection of backpacks which are geared towards adding extra security when exploring on or off the beaten path. 

The 40L Carry-on Pack and 25L Backpack combine board-rider specific functions (from Quiksilver) with Pacsafe’s patented anti-theft technology.

The 40L pack features a removable dry bag to help separate your wet and dry items, heavy duty tarpaulin pockets, and mountains of storage space. It's really built with travelling and adventure in mind.

The smaller 25L Backpack is designed to protect your laptop, tablets, and other devices, and is the perfect pack to use for both commuting and short weekend explorations.

Both backpacks feature Pacsafe's anti-theft technology, including the "Roobar Deluxe" locking system, a best-in-class RFID pocket, and a "PopNLock" Security Clip which allows you to secure the bag to an immoveable object to deter snatch and run theft.

Ronnie Reyes, Quiksilver’s Global Head of Design said,  “It’s great to share that constant pursuit for adventure that unites generations of explorers and board-riders. 

The Quiksilver x Pacsafe capsule perfectly reflects our ambition to provide the best performance product covering your back when things get heavy, while breathing our original heritage and culture.” 

The 25L Backpack is priced at £119.95, while the Carry-on pack is £149.95. You can pick them up from Pacsafe's website.

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