These luxury watch accessories are just another reason I love watch collecting

Watch collecting isn't just about watches – you can get joy from the accessories as well

Lucrin Geneva Luxury Watch Accessories
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I love watches, when I'm not writing about them for work, I'm usually looking at pictures of them on Instagram or planning my next purchase. They're the ultimate accessory, but, as soon as you start collecting watches you'll soon realise that these accessories also come with their own accessories as well.

I'm now at the stage where I can get just as much enjoyment from a new watch roll, watch winder or strap as I do from a new watch. It's worth noting that these accessories all make great gifts too.

We've covered all of these accessories in-depth on T3 before, but I recently had a chance to review a selection of products from Lucrin Geneva, and it's inspired me to pack my bags and go travelling with my entire watch collection.

Lucrin was established in 1994 and has 28 years of expertise in handcrafting bespoke leather accessories, combining practicality, elegance and timeless design.

What I like about Lucrin is that the brand offers almost limitless customisation options. This not only makes the accessories unique but also makes them feel more modern.

For example, look at the stunning single watch roll below. It's crafted from soft leather and available in over 50 colours. I went for this classic dark green. Choosing the colour is only half the story, however, as you can then add a monogram and change the colour of the stitching.

The watch holder has a velvety microfibre interior that won't damage your watch, and the small cushion inside (circumference 18cm) can be removed completely from the watch roll for you to wrap your watch around before placing the whole lot back in the leather watch case holder. 

It measures 9.5 x 8 x 6.6 cm and is perfect for travelling light.

Lucrin Geneva Luxury Watch Accessories

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If you've got a large watch collection and enjoy travelling with multiple watches, then Lucrin's watch case for four watches might be more up your street. Just like the single watch roll it's crafted from high-quality leather and features countless customisation options.

Inside you will find four removable microfibre cushions that make it pretty easy for you to insert and remove your precious watches.

Lucrin's watch case for four watches measures 28 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm.

Lucrin Geneva Luxury Watch Accessories

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Lucrin doesn't just make watch rolls, the brand also crafts bags, phone cases, wallets, and tidy trays, to name just a few products.

I instantly fell in love with this extra large-sized square catchall. It can be placed on a desk, on a console table in the entryway, or on a bedside table, and prevents you from having to search for your keys, phone or watch. 

The four corners of the square leather catchall are held in place with nickel-plated rivets. 

Just like the watch rolls above, this luxury decorative item is available in an infinite number of shades and materials to match any decor. 

Its interior dimensions measure 21 x 21 x 4 cm and is plenty large enough to house multiple watches.


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