These astonishing speakers can be yours for just £70,000

Monitor Audio's Hyphn are its "most creatively ambitious" speakers ever

Monitor Audio Hyphn
(Image credit: Monitor Audio)

Could these be the best speakers Monitor Audio has ever made? The high-end hi-fi firm certainly thinks so. The Hyphn takes the incredible design of the firm's Concept 50 speakers and makes it into a real product with the latest generation of the firm's M-Array speaker technology.

These are serious speakers for serious music fans. Each pillar has a pair of powerful 8-inch (203mm) bass drivers with a single Micro Pleated Diaphragm III transducer and six 2-inch Rigid Diaphragm Technology midrange drivers. According to Monitor Audio that means "sensational acoustic transparency" and a "thrilling acoustic experience". 

Are the Hyphn speakers worth remortgaging your house for?

They're certainly impressive. The Hyphn promises to deliver the lowest distortion of any Monitor Audio speaker, and those precision-milled stone cabinets are "almost vibration free". Given the rave reviews previous Monitor Audio speakers have earned for their incredibly transparent performance, I'm sure these are the kind of speakers I'd happily sell my own legs to afford. 

According to British GQ, who were treated to a preview of the Hyphn, "Monitor Audio has created a staggeringly potent pair of loudspeakers that not only represent the pinnacle of what the company is currently capable of, but that give an indication of where the next 50 years". The Hyphn are "among the most informative, realistic, expansive and convincing loudspeakers imaginable."

Sadly for me, serious sound quality costs serious money. The Hyphn comes in a choice of  Pure Satin White, Matte Black or Matte Heritage Green with a price tag of £70,000 / $92,500 / AU$135,000. You can find out more on the Monitor Audio website.

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