Monitor Audio’s new flagships are speakers to die for

The Platinum Series 3G promise "accessible excellence" that'll last you a lifetime

Monitor Audio Platinum Series P100
(Image credit: Monitor Audio)

We've been big fans of Monitor Audio speakers for very many years now, and their new Platinum Series 3G speakers promise to be the best yet. The audio obsessives' new flagships promise to deliver cutting-edge tech, beautiful design, and of course, incredible audio.

As with all high-end kit, if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford them, but if you're fortunate enough to be the target customer for these speakers there's a lot to get excited about.

There are four different models in the range, each designed for both two-channel and multi-channel setups. The Platinum 100 3G is the smallest, stand-mounted option, followed by the mid-sized, floor-standing Platinum 200 3G and the larger Platinum 300 3G. There's also the Platinum 250 3G, a centre channel speaker system.

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G: key features and pricing

Each model in the Platinum Series 3G features the new 3rd generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD III) high-frequency transducer, which Monitor Audio says is "breathtakingly accurate", and they offer reduced distortion and a flattened frequency response with excellent sensitivity. There are refined crossovers, new voice coils in the bass drivers and carefully optimised coils in the mid-range, and the outside is designed to look as good as the inside sounds with a choice of three finishes: Piano Ebony, Piano Black and Pure White Satin.

Sadly for me, this is the kind of speaker system I can only dream of: the Platinum Series 3G goes on sale in December 2022 and starts at RRP £3,500 / €4,750 / $5,250 for the C250 3G centre speaker; £4,500 / €5,500 / $6,000 for a pair of Platinum 100 3Gs; £9,000 / €11,000 / $12,000 for a pair of the Platinum 200 3G; and £11,500 / €14,000 / $15,500 for a pair of the range-topping Platinum 300 3G.

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