These 3 Netflix Tudum reveals would make me resubscribe

What I want from the streaming event of the year

Netflix Tudum
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Judging by the number of people asking me what the name means, Tudum - the celebration of all things Netflix is nearly upon us. The event will be broadcast live from Brazil this Saturday (the 17th of June) and we should be in for a treat. As for the name, say ‘Tudum’ out loud, sounds exactly like the start of a Netflix show right? 

After his appointment as ‘Chief Action Officer’ expect to see a lot of Arnie in the live stream as well as reveals for some of the biggest shows and movies on one of the best streaming services and aside from a second season of Teenage Bounty Hunters (I might start a Kickstarter), here’s what would set my pulse racing at Tudum. Make sure to catch the live stream on YouTube at 9:30 pm BST/1:30 pm PT/4:30 pm ET.  

1. Squid Game 

Squid Game Netflix

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This is obvious, the whole world loves Squid Game and Netflix has already teased we will be treated to not one but two new shows based on it. Last year we were shown some hidden scenes from the series but could this be the time we finally get a trailer for season 2 of the scripted series?

We also know that Squid Game: The Challenge will premiere this year in November. This real-life Squid Game will hopefully have less on the line but expect drama as contestants compete in the now world-famous children’s games for a prize of $4.56 million. 

2. More original ideas 

They Cloned Tyrone

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It’s great to see Netflix renewing some of its excellent shows, with a Wednesday update expected at Tudum this year, but streaming services live and die on new ideas. I’d love to see more fresh ideas continue to blossom in movie TV shows and movies.

Netflix seems to agree with me with some brand new titles taking prominent places at Tudum. John Boyega will make an appearance to hopefully give us a further look at the upcoming Sci-Fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone. The Tudum site also mentions Lift which is a Kevin Hart action comedy that also features the likes of Jean Reno and Vincent D’Onofrio due to arrive in January 2024. In terms of TV series, I’m also looking forward to All the light we cannot see a drama based on the Pulitzer-winning book that will arrive in November and features both Hugh Laurie and Mark Ruffalo.

3. Serious gaming  


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Netflix has long been claiming to be taking gaming seriously, but despite making noises, most of the games on offer are glorified mobile games. Tudum 2023 will see more on The Queen’s Gambit Chess which is set to release in July. Playing chess against Beth Harmon is something that only Netflix could really offer but it’s not enough for gamers to genuinely see Netflix as a gaming platform. 

It's hard considering the varying hardware everyone uses Netflix on but we have seen some quality games arrive recently like May’s World of Goo: Remastered so perhaps Netflix could become the go-to mobile developer. Surely if Netflix likes money, there’s a Squid Game video game in the works as well.  

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