These 3 Lego deals are the bricktastic Amazon Prime Day builds I recommend

Brick builders should look no further than these great deals

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If you're bricking it this Prime Day trying to find great deals, don't worry, we've got you covered with deals on some of the best Lego out there. The legendary Danish bricks are for sure the best out there but don't always come cheap. Luckily Prime Day has prices falling like a Jenga tower.

Lego makes an amazing gift that isn't just fun to build but also to have as a collector's item and playset too. Whether you're shopping for a little one, a big kid or yourself, these are the best deals I've spotted out there on some of the coolest sets. 

LEGO Star Wars 12.5" R2-D2:was £243 now £209

LEGO Star Wars 12.5" R2-D2: was £243 now £209
This model of everyone's favourite plucky lil' droid is the ultimate collector's item for a fan. Composed of 2315 individual pieces and standing 12.5 inches tall, R2 will look great on the shelf or coffee table.

Of course, R2D2 doesn't just sit still, this model has a rotating head, rising periscope, retractable third leg, and even a hidden storage slot for Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber.

Lego Disney Pixar's "Up" House: was £49.99 now £37.50

Lego Disney Pixar's "Up" House: was £49.99 now £37.50
From the movie that made us all cry comes a 598-piece set that's a great size to build with a little one. With minifigures of Russell, Carl and everyone's favourite talking Dog, Dug (squirrel!). 

For kids who want the ultimate building experience, download the Lego Builder app beforehand for an interactive story. 

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser+ Horizon Tallneckwas £309 now £269

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser+ Horizon Tallneck: was £309 now £269
This two-in-one bundle is perfect for any videogame fan. Combining Bowser from the Super Mario franchise (Jack Black not included) and the iconic Tallneck from the PlayStation Horizon series. A combined 4029 pieces should be enough to keep even avid builders busy for a while.

There you go, some of our favourites this year, of course, Prime Day is a great time to shop for deals on pretty much anything. So if brick building stresses you out, why not take a break and watch something on a Prime Day TV that you got for less than half price?

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