The Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina is the fanciest coffee machine I’ve ever seen

Smeg’s La Pavoni Diamantina coffee machine makes the perfect shot of espresso – but it’ll cost you

Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina
(Image credit: Smeg)

Smeg and La Pavoni have just launched the new Diamantina semi-professional espresso machine. With diamond detailing, ‘God Shot’ feature and a dual boiler system, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina is available to buy now for £4,999.95.

Smeg and La Pavoni has just announced the launch of the Diamantina, its new semi-professional espresso machine. Designed to enhance your at-home coffee experience, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina might be the fanciest coffee machine I’ve ever seen… and it certainly proves that with its price.

Founded in 1905, La Pavoni is a heritage coffee maker brand that was acquired by Smeg in 2019. Having developed some of the best espresso coffee machines on the market, the La Pavoni brand has become increasingly recognisable with its premium designs, including stainless steel, gold and brass detailings, diamond patterns and flying bird icons.

Now, Smeg and La Pavoni are expanding the collection with the new Diamantina. Described as a semi-professional espresso machine, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina gives users more control over their coffee while taking care of the more technical aspects, making it ideal for both beginners and experts.

The Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina is designed to create the ‘God Shot’ or the perfect shot of espresso. Using its 2400W power, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina grinds coffee beans to your preferences and desired strength. With its dual boiler system, the espresso maker allows users to brew coffee and steam milk with the wands at the same time, to enhance flavour and to keep everything at the right temperature.

Everything about the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina has been designed to make the perfect espresso, including its boiler system and water control. With a 1.9-litre capacity, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina has a BPPC flow control mechanism that can adjust the water pressure on the coffee puck to offer the best results for all types of coffee bean.

While the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina looks a little complicated and intimidating, the design of the espresso maker is the real star of the show. It has quite a bulky size but the hexagonal shape pairs perfectly with the diamond patterned aesthetic which is a modern interpretation of La Pavoni’s ‘Concorso’ series. With stainless steel and gold colours, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina has sharp lines, curved handles and a cup warmer to keep your coffee cups warm and ready for coffee.

The Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina is easily the fanciest and most attractive coffee machine I’ve ever seen, and with all its tech and design specs, it’s unsurprising that it has a pretty high price tag. The Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina will set you back £4,999.95, so it’s a luxury appliance that might not be attainable for everyone.

But if you want to splurge on a premium espresso machine, the Smeg La Pavoni Diamantina is available to pre-order now at Smeg and in its London flagship store.

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