The Samsung Galaxy S23 range is hot – but not too hot

Previous issues with cooling should be a thing of the past, thanks to a larger heatsink

Galaxy Unpacked
(Image credit: Samsung)

In amongst the rollercoaster of the Galaxy Unpacked event yesterday, one new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S23 range may have slipped by unnoticed. Sure, it's not as sexy as a 200MP camera, or a fancy Snapdragon processor, but it could prove to be just as crucial to the success of the device.

For this year, the Galaxy handsets have an improved heat dissipation area, which should allow the device to stay cooler in use. Some users of the previous generation Samsung Galaxy S22 found that the phone could heat up a lot while in use, and this should help to limit that.

It should also be helped by the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The chip features greater power efficiency than its predecessor, meaning it takes less energy to complete tasks.

The change in the size of the vapor chamber – the heat sink used inside the S23 range – is shown in a post on Twitter from Ice Universe. Ice is a massively respected tech tipster, with particular expertise in Samsung information.

The post shows a GIF which morphs from the S22 range to the S23 to show the difference. Each model has a larger heat sink on the S23 range, while the base model also sees a change in material – from graphite to a vapor chamber.

It's a neat upgrade for the S23 range. Sure, the fancy stuff is great, but this is a real-world change that will make a difference for every single user. Not only that, but it's an additional safety measure which should help to re-write some of the history Samsung has with overheating handsets.

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