The ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro is a new pint-sized portable vacuum

This little dust-muncher oozes Scandinavian design appeal and boasts a beefy motor that goes like lightning.

ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro
(Image credit: ROIDMI)

We’ve got plenty of the best vacuum cleaners to pick over here at, not to mention a small mountain of the best robot vacuums too. The ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro takes things in a slightly different direction though, because this handheld vacuum is super small and is entirely portable.

Regular vacuums are often bulky, although cordless stick models are the ideal compromise. But what you really need if you’re tired of conventional models and, amazingly, only have small amounts of dust and dirt to shift is one of these babies, which for comparison purposes is about the size of a water bottle.

The ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro certainly ticks a lot of boxes on the convenience front. It’s cordless for starters, it’s also very small at 275mm long and weighs just 500g. Surprisingly though, it’s got more powerful suction than its predecessor along with boosted battery life, with a run time of up to 24 minutes. There’s even an on-board wide-angle LED light so you can pinpoint dust in even the darkest of locations.

Now, we’ve tried a few of these dinky mini vacuums before and while there are plenty of exceptions, several suffer from poor suction. Not so the Nano P1 it seems as there’s an efficient brushless motor that’s good for 130,000rpm, which looks like a misprint because that’s, er, mighty fast. ROIDMI has every faith in its capabilities though as it features a 5-year motor guarantee.

Power it up and you’ll therefore get hands-free super suction at 90W while keeping noise levels down to only 65dB. There are two cleaning modes, standard and a max power setting for extra pick up potential. You also get the benefit of a magnetic folding suction head, which stops all the dust particles dropping out again as you move the mini vacuum around. There’s a washable filter too.

The ROIDMI Nano P1 Pro can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours, via a USB cable, which is handy if you’ve taken it with you on your travels. Small, perfectly formed and powerful too, this is one portable handheld vacuum that really doesn't suck. It costs just £119.

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