The OnePlus iPad killer is getting a sweet free feature upgrade from OnePlus Open

My favourite feature from the new OnePlus foldable phone is also coming to the brands' tablet

A render of the OnePlus Pad
(Image credit: OnePlus)

Let's be frank – if you're looking to add a tablet to your tech setup, there's probably only one model you're looking at. Apple's iPad range is synonymous with the market segment, and is often the go-to for new users.

But that doesn't make it the only option. One of my favourite iPad alternatives is the OnePlus Pad. That features a similar spec sheet to the Apple range, but with some added ease of use features like a longer battery life in standby mode.

Now, the OnePlus Pad is getting a cool new feature – and it's one I'm really looking forward to! With the recent release of the OnePlus Open, the brand entered the world of foldable phones for the first time.

While the handset is strong in terms of specs, there is one feature I really loved. In order to tackle the issue of multitasking on the screen, OnePlus debuted the Open Canvas software. 

This novel solution makes apps larger than the space available on screen. Users can then swipe the overhanging portions back and forth onto the screen as required. That makes it easier than ever to use apps in an appropriate size, rather than squished into the available space on the display.

That feature is coming to the OnePlus Pad, too. The news was broken in an ask me anything thread on Reddit, which was hosted by members of the OnePlus team. In a comment, the team noted that the feature had been requested for the Pad by numerous users, and that they were working on implementing the feature.

That would mark a massive upgrade for the Pad. While the current method for multitasking on the tablet isn't bad, the Open Canvas method is a much more impressive way of working. It adds an even more impressive array of specs to one of the best iPad killers on the market.

There's no timescale given for when the feature may arrive, though. The team say to keep an eye out, but there's no indication of when the feature will be available publicly. For now then, we'll just have to wait eagerly for updates from the team.

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